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D.I.Y. (WHY) Not

May 23, 2018


Ladies and Gentlemen:

You may be more crafty than you think!


In the days before my first born joined the world, I did a lot of surfing. Now before you start to picture a pregnant woman on a surfboard and before you get ready to click on that little X, above (on the top right of this page), I am talking about surfing the internet. Being a first time mom I was in search of inspiration for my daughter's room. As I thumbed through multiple search venues, I started to recognize how many opportunities there were to create something authentic for my child and cover wall space. The nursery theme was well thought out but I was unsure what to put up on her walls. I viewed many DIY projects and began to wonder, "am I capable of creating something artsy and cute for my daughters room"? Immediately, that little voice that I don't always listen to (you know that voice that sometimes gets you in trouble if you are prone to act on impulse) responded with a resounding, "WHY NOT?!"


Seek and You Will Find

After countless hours of searching various creative inlets, I held a few of my own projects in mind. Once I knew what I wanted to make, the search for materials began. I used a variety of sources to pull together what I needed for my wall decor ( #pinterest, #Michaels, #joannsfabrics, #Hobbylobby, #etsy) including an old mirror that was in the donation pile, in my garage. The great thing about the internet is that there are so many ideas to view, you really do begin to find ideas of your own while browsing other's projects. Once you get the gist of how people are putting these items together to create a masterpiece, you may find that you already have what you need at home. If you have played with the idea and have a project in mind... Just dive in!


Start With A Plan

Now, remember that "little voice" I referenced earlier? Well... before I knew it, I was buying items left and right, to make an old mirror into something new. It became a slight obsession to find the perfect things for placement on top of a framed mirror. I could see my finished product so clearly and had to be sure I had enough beads to complete my vision. When all was said and done, I did not practice much restraint with the purchase of products. My overall excitement of the project seemed to take control. That "little voice" was also there all the while saying, "why not?!" Although my lack of planning left me feeling a bit queasy with the amount of money spent on beads, I knew that this project would come out fabulous! This was now the dialogue spoken to my by that "little voice" as I also told myself that future projects would include better planning.



Mistakes are OK


One thing to remember is that no one else knows what image you have designed in your mind. If you end up using a paint that does not come out exactly as you might have thought or place a button in a spot that may be a bit off setting , do not impulsively scrap your project. As you will see from my photos, my DIY work is far from perfect. In fact, I have ignored bumpy & streaked paint, been forced to redesign mid project and I have also had to learn to let go of imperfect circles, outlines and letters on canvas. It can be difficult to tell your perfectionist self to take a hike, but trust me, you can do it!


Meaningful > Manufactured ALWAYS


More than likely you will surprise yourself at the end of your task. If you are able to let go and push past any insecurities while finishing the DIY decor of your choice, your heart will sing. After completing my first, finished product, I immediately went on a DIY journey to fill wall space for both my daughter and son. It was like my brain completely erased the pain and memory of hot glue burns on each finger. When I take a step back and look upon these "works of art", the sense of pride that exists in me is huge. Knowing that one day I will be able to tell my children the story of how these specific pieces of decor came to be is the best kind of anticipation to have. In my opinion, this is what makes DIY furnishings worth more than anything placed on a shelf for purchase, any day.







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