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What's Missing in Your Home??

How many of you stock your cabinets, counters and shelves with the same products that you had in your home growing up? As consumers, we tend to stick to what we know and what makes sense in our own comfortable world of product knowledge. In this blog I want to share a few of the items in my home that may make a big difference in your own.

The SALT life

If I told you that I have a Himalayan Salt Lamp in every room, would you believe me? Well, I do. It started when I was pregnant with my first child. I was scrolling FB and a quick video about the benefits of himalayan salt lamps fell into my lap. What I learned is these lamps are great for your health! Not only do they reduce the risk of asthma and allergies by purifying your air they also regulate positive/negative ions,

released by electronics and other energy sources in your home. When I placed the first lamp in our main living area, my husband mentioned that I seemed noticeably less tense/stressed. I was working in a very toxic environment at the time and it had become difficult to decompress before walking in the door. I will say that carrying a child around inside my body all day and night did not help.

One of my favorite things about the lamps is they create a very calming effect with their cool, orange hue. This light really expands over the space in which you have the lamp present. I find that they also serve as a wonderful conversation starter.

Surprisingly, not many people know about these little "gems". As a matter of fact, I purchased one for our company gift exchange and not one person from my team knew what a Salt Rock Lamp was. While wrapping the gift, I chuckled with my husband that, "I would not be surprised if I ended up bringing it back home". Wouldn't you know... I did end up keeping my own gift, as it was placed back with the unwanted items over and over again. Once I placed it on my desk at work, I noticed an immediate difference in my focus and retention of information. The ion exchange, mentioned earlier, could be the potential reason for this. I might add that my co-workers continued to compliment the lamp. A few of the people who had initially neglected the lamp, during our exchange, even voiced that they wished they had known more about the benefits before refusing to keep the gift. Personally, I have been thankful for these lamps when coming home during the late evening hours. Waking up in the early morning hours with the glow of these lamps has been a blessing as well. They display the perfect amount of light, which makes it easy to search for a loose pacifier (when you are half awake). I have spent many a night in the dark with these lamps lit bright, rocking and nursing my children back to slumber.

Clean and Clear

I am a HUGE fan of Seventh Generation products as they are environmentally safe. I was elated to find they offered a baby product line as well. You can find many of their products offered on AMAZON which saved us money and time after my baby, girl was born. Their dish soap cuts harsh grease without the sticky suds that are difficult to wash away. I am impressed with the exemplary cleaning power of their dish liquid each time I take on a sink full of dirty dishes. While using their laundry detergent I have found that my clothes seem just as soft and bright just as they did with Tide. I don't miss the sticky, blue, liquid that I was so accustomed to either. Another favorite product of mine is their Coconut Baby Wash. It is perfect for keeping newborn skin soft and clean. What I like the best about the soap is that it comes in a foam form. I attempted to use other brands and the gel soaps only dried my little ones skin, head to toe. Neither of my babies had cradle cap and I believe that I can contribute this to the light and bubbly, natural, foam substance. Another product that I would suggest you to think about adding into your baby changing regimen is, Aquaphor. This product is like petroleum jelly without the grease. Aquaphor is gentle with extra healing power. This is pretty much the only diaper ointment I use. It can be used as a moisturizer as well but I love it for curing a red bum. My children have sensitive skin but with these products I feel they are safe. We have not had to deal with an unruly diaper rash and I credit this to our application of this gel.

Beaded Bliss

If you have already been through the teething phase(s) then you know that it is horrible! When my daughter first cut teeth (two top and bottom) she was too small to have anything around her neck and would not tolerate anything in her mouth. Anyone who has experienced this knows it is pure misery. The second round of cutting teeth has been different, as I feel comfortable allowing her to wear her amber beaded necklace. Upon placement around her neck the discomfort and pain seemed to dwindle almost instantly.

If you have heard of these necklaces but you are on the fence in disbelief that they actually make a significant difference, get one! I promise, you won't be sorry. My daughter does not tug or pull on the jewelry and seems to be getting through the discomfort of a mouth full of teeth (top and bottom, molars and others) making their entrance into her mouth quite well, this time around. Once again, AMAZON was my vehicle to purchase the Baltic Wonder necklace but you will find there are many others to choose from.

When Push Comes To Shove

One chore that I absolutely hate is mopping! Prior to having my Bissell Crosswave, I used a Swiffer mop. The reason I would recommend the crosswave for hard floor surface cleaning, is that it moves quickly without too much effort. My swiffer seemed to wipe and push dirt around (always leaving a thin film behind) vs actually cleaning dirt off of the floor. Now, I actually enjoy using my Bissell to wash away the slobber stains, and muddy dog tracks. My Oreck vacuum is used on both the carpet and the wood/tile floor. I believe this product is worth every penny because it is lightweight and the suction is phenomenal. I highly recommend both for anyone with at least two types of flooring to clean.

Let me leave you by saying that I have not been compensated or asked to advertise these products. I just understand how easy it can be to get into habit with products that become familiar. I hope that there is something useful for you in this read. What are your "go to" must haves? I am always up for suggestions of what is best for me and my daily duties in my Wife/SAHM life.

Feel free to share your favorites with me in the comments section!!

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