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My Opportunity To Share Just Grew

Given to Bloggers by Other Bloggers

I am honored that I have been nominated by a fellow blogger for

The Liebster Award. I am truly excited about the opportunity that

The Vegas Mommy has given me with this nomination. Thank you so much,

for the consideration and allowing me to share!!

The Liebster Award is an award that exists only on the internet & is given to bloggers by other bloggers.

The earliest case of the award goes back as for as 2011.

Link all queries to https://theglobalaussie.com/liebster-award-2018/

Now What?

Follow these rules...

Thank the person who nominated you, and put a link to their blog on your blog.

Display the award on your blog.

Write a small post about what makes you passionate about blog posting.

Provide 10 random facts about yourself.

Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel would enjoy blogging about this award the award.

List these rules in your post.

Inform the people/blogs that you nominated.

Why Blog?

My passion for blogging comes from my love of sharing personal experiences with others. As a new, SAHM (stay at home mom), I do not have the opportunity to socialize with adults as often as I used to. Blogging allows me to dig deep into my life experience and share moments that are meaningful to me with the world. I enjoy building relationships and supporting people within a network/community very much. My blog gives me purpose outside of taking care of my own family and helps me to feel as though I am still making a difference, while remaining relevant.

Did you know?

Getting to know your author is always fun!

Let me share a few things that make me unique and/or just a tad bit weird.

  1. When I say both, I add an L before the th... BOLTH

  2. I attended at least 5 elementary schools by age 10

  3. As a young girl I once caught 7 frogs and stuffed them in pringles cans for my mother's bday

  4. I like to braid stands of my hair when I watch television

  5. My husband is 6 years younger than me

  6. If I could have a pet snake I would (my hubby says, "no way")

  7. I had my children 13 months apart

  8. Both of my dogs are rescue mutts

  9. My degree is a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education

  10. I call my daughter "wheatie"... Sweetie without the S

Ask and you shall receive:

The Vegas Momma wants to know...

What is your favorite way to unwind?

My favorite way to unwind is with a nice and hot flat white from Starbucks or a big pour of red wine

Describe your life in 3 words.

Full Of Love

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

On a beach in California watching my husband teach our children how to surf

How did you get started blogging?

I decided that I needed to share my life experience, so I got started with a WIX account

Who is your favorite superhero? Why?

Storm from XMEN because she can fly and control the elements but also create a massive storm all in one.

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Barack Obama

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

So Cal

What is your guilty pleasure TV show?


Why did you name your child(ren) what you did?

My husband and I saw a girl share her story on Television (quadriplegic conquering life's obstacles) named Anastacia and we loved both the name and her story so we were sold on the name. I tried to choose an uncommon name for both of my children. Ethan and Anastacia were both names that were unique to us.

Would you rather live in space for a year or underwater?


Do you prefer coffee or tea?

I drink both

What is your number one hope for your child(ren)?

I hope that they master the art of turning lemons into lemonade.

I Choose you:

My nominees:








Just Curious:

My questions to you...

1. If you could purchase any car, what would you drive and why?

2. How do you feel about day drinking?

3. What kind of exotic pet would you own if you could?

4. How much sleep do you get on average a night?

5. Would you adopt a child from another country?

6. Should pineapple be a topping on pizza?

7. What is the one candy that you would eat every day as a child if allowed?

8. Do you have a favorite cereal?

9. If you could be the best at any sport which would you choose and why?

10. Would you rather be an artist or a magician if you had to choose and why?

11. What is a goal that you hope to accomplish before you die?

*If nominated you do not have to participate but I hope you do.

This. Was. Fun

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