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When You Know, You Know

June 28, 2018

Many of you have heard the saying. If you are single and searching, you probably roll your eyes each time someone speaks these words.  Let me tell you, this phrase is the TRUTH and I will explain (from experience) just how accurate this message truly is.  June 23, 2018 marks my second wedding anniversary. I'd love to share the reasons why I am absolutely certain that my husband is the man I was meant to marry. 



Timing IS Everything


 My twenties were filled with fun but I definitely felt like something was missing. I hoped that one day I would find a lasting love but what I did not understand at that  time is YOU cannot bring what is meant for you, unless time agrees.  In my early thirties I began traveling for work. Still feeling that I was missing my "better half" and wishing that they would just fall into my lap, I was still not positioned well for my dream to come true. Many people told me, “you have to stop traveling." Each time a friend or family member said this I would scoff at them and brush their advice off. Fast forward to thirty four... What was different about thirty four than any other year of my life, you ask? I WAS READY! I told myself and even spoke to the universe, as well as through prayer about the desire to find a quality partner. Internally I knew that I had to stop chasing the dream and let it come to me. I was not looking outward but internally. I was burnt out with travel and actively looking for a permanent job in San Antonio,Tx.  I joined a gym by my house and there HE was.  Judging from my Instagram Account, the Universe was listening  ready to provide my desires at just the right time : 



 Eyes Are The Window To Your Soul


So how did I know he was “the one”? His eyes told me. Besides the fact that he was the most handsome man I had seen, there was something about his eyes. We did not have time for conversation at first,  as I would only see him while I was coming and going from my exercise. Our eye contact had me curious of our  future conversations. When we did share small talk before or after my classes, his eyes commanded my attention and never diverted from my gaze. He was interested! As our relationship blossomed, I never got the feeling that he wanted to be anywhere else but right with me in each and every moment spent together. His eyes focused on me and no one else when out in public and he spoke as if he could see into our future. There was no playing around; he saw a lover, friend and mother in me. It seemed obvious to both of us that our soul searching was done and our mate had finally arrived. Things moved quickly and honestly, it was a scary time to be so vulnerable but never did we think of backing off. We were ready to press forward and begin a wonderful life together from the moment it was mentioned that our feelings for each other were mutual. When he told me he loved me, I could see the honesty behind his words (through his eyes). He was meant for me. 




Happily Ever After 


Two years have passed since our wedding day and life has been hectic with the addition of our two adorable children. When I think about our future, I could not have picked a better person to spend forever with. He is the hands on father I need and our lives are filled with so much LOVE and care, thanks to our extended family. How did I know that this would be the case? It felt right from the start. Looking back on our beginning, it never felt wrong. Everything, honestly just felt like it was meant to be. I always looked at the statement, “when you know you know” and wondered to myself, “how did THEY just know”? It was obvious once it hit me. There were no questions.  As strange as it may seem, you trust that you can be yourself and things will be ok no matter what may happen.  I knew I wanted to be with him each and every day, almost instantly.  Thankfully, he “knew” it too. 






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