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AntHill For Sale! : A Story for Children & Parent

It's no secret that we grow with our home. Leaving a home built around a family can be a very challenging event. This story reflects the love and sentiment inside a home and speaks to any family with children. Here are my thoughts on this lovely children's story.

Relatable Story Elements

Johnny Ray Moore keeps the story pleasing to the ear, with rhyme throughout. While children are entertained with a cast of insects and animals, the main characters Mr. Alvin Ant and Mrs. Ant battle with the choice to sell their very seasoned home. As the story unfolds, we learn much about Alvin, as he speaks to the visitors of his beloved home. There are many lessons to be learned as characters are introduced. Children are able to see that insects and animals can have an attachment to their homes just as humans do. This idea is shared as others enter into Alvin's home to view the inside. He hopes that they too will fall in love with the beauty within. Instead, he is faced with disrespect for his belongings and lack of compassion from passers by. These potential buyers are simply looking for a space to change for their own. Speaking to children about the value of items can be a challenge but this picture book lends well to such conversation, as the illustrations help little minds connect with their own homes/belongings.

Connections Keep Your Interest

The book's illustrations reflect how we grow with our homes. Each picture is bright and filled with great detail, showing many similarities of any shelter (filled with children). With the turn of each page families are reminded that houses may look different on the outside but many of the items and memories we cherish most are universally displayed inside. This is truly a story to be adored by any family for many years. Picture walks through the pages of this book will foster meaningful conversation about the care and comfort we devote as parents within a home. As children age, the same meaningful conversations will evolve with the maturity of the home, or perhaps the conversation may change to reflect a relocation, on the horizon. Overall the story allows families to share what makes their home a place of comfort and warmth.

A Timeless Keepsake

This story struck a chord in my heart as we are looking to purchase our first home. Although we have only been renting our home, we moved in before my oldest child was born (2 yrs of age in January) and we have definitely grown into this house. However, it is time to find a place with more space for our growing family. I am thankful to have this story to share with my children as we relocate and build our lives in our new place. I am looking forward to pulling this story out and explaining the process of finding and filling our home with love,valuables, meaningful moments and family memories, for years to come. I purchased this product for a review but all opinions are my own.

Anthill For Sale

Ages: 3-8

Author: Johnny Ray Moore Illustrator: Zuzana Svobodova

Publisher: Big Belly Book Co.

ISBN: 978-1-7325541-1-5

Price: $10.95


Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, Big Belly Book Co and request at your local book store.

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