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Recently, my family had to make huge adjustments, very rapidly. To be honest, I have been drifting through various states of emotion and volumes of stress that even now, is hard to put down on paper. However, in keeping true to the purpose of this blog, I would like to take some time and share the back story to my recent hiatus.


Mental Anguish = Writers Block


Just before Christmas, with two small children and one on the way, we decided to find a house to call our own. However, during our search the end of our lease had come and gone. Graciously, our land lord allowed us the ability to live month to month while we looked for a home. Luckily, there was a nice home that we liked very much that popped up on the market and we moved quickly to jump on the opportunity to present an offer. Sounds AWESOME right??? WRONG! That Friday morning just so happened to be pay day and within moments of submitting our offer, we realized that our monthly budget had been cut enormously (without warning). My husband’s employer decided to change the pay structure for his compensation. Every aspect of our lives turned upside down, instantly. Somewhere in-between this moment and each second that followed, I lost all ability to focus on writing. My mind was swimming with fear and concern, while my heart was breaking for my husband. He truly believed that the hard work and dedication he invested in that company would lead him to fulfill his dreams within the fitness industry. We cried and cried and cried some more but also knew we had to move forward.


Moving away from everything I knew


At this point my main concern was remaining positive and looking for the good in every challenge we faced. I was determined to support his choices even though I had no clue where they would lead our family. There seemed to be an obstacle behind every door. Unfortunately, I had to fight for healthcare as an unemployed pregnant woman with two small children. Over the course of three months we were repetitively  approved and denied for coverage (due to errors made within the HHSA offices). This created extremely high volumes of stress for us, as my husband was staying with family in another city (200 miles away) working at least 10 hr days, M-Sat. He had taken another management position (low hourly rate with promised commission) but it just was not lucrative enough to make ends meet. The ever rising, outrageous, cost of living took it's toll on our family and we were forced to pack up and move away from the city we both called home for over a decade. Our family came to the rescue and packed up our whole house and we traveled (300 miles away) to stay with my in-laws. At the end of May, I gave birth to my third child.  The experience was drastically different than my previous deliveries and I left feeling traumatized from my stay at Valley Regional Hospital in Brownsville, Texas. You would think that with so much change, I would have sat down and cranked out a blog or two but still, I could not write.


Just a week or so after this, my dog was hit by a car and killed. I thought I was ready to break and maybe a part of me had been breaking all along. Thinking back, perhaps this was the reason I was unable to pen my thoughts. I almost feel as though the describable moments, slowly slipped away through cracks that had been forming from each unfortunate event, during this time. 

 The light at the end of the tunnel


Shortly after the loss of our dog my, husband accepted an offer for a promising position in a brand-new industry. At this point everything kicked into high gear and it was time to find a new home, in a new state. We left San Antonio in March and finally in July we had a clear path to follow. Within a few weeks of accepting the offer we were heading to GA with three under three, in our new minivan. As I mentioned above, the past few months have been a whirl wind for my family. Honestly, the last year and a half has brought hardship and stress that I would have never conceived possible. I guess that is the beauty of life though isn’t it? The moments that bring you down, help you appreciate those that lift you up.  

Now that we are settled in our new home,it only seems fitting, I reflect and move forward with a blog. I am looking forward to sharing more about my life from Georgia and as a mother of three under three. 








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