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Bye Bye to Buttons: For Now or Forever?

If you have gained a significant amount of weight or have had a baby, this blog may resonate with you. After three (back to back) pregnancies, it is very difficult to find comfortable clothing other than maternity wear. My amazing, "mom bod" just won't allow it. That being said, I’d like to share a little story about a new boutique and the pants I found, online.

Ready for Some Style

After giving birth to my daughter, I quickly became pregnant again. That was when I went through my closet and got rid of every small and/or medium piece of clothing, I owned. My body had changed so much with the first pregnancy and without any time to lose the extra weight, I knew there was no point in holding on to those clothes. Now that I have three children (under three) everything I own seems to be maternity wear. Honestly speaking, I struggle with buying anything “in style”. I am a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl and always have been. However, I would like to have options in my wardrobe that make me look a bit more stylish.

Building A Wardrobe

Maybe you can relate? I rarely get out of the house and if I have the time to shop for myself, I tend to grab and go. Changing up my style is particularly challenging since I am basically unable to travel out alone with enough time to try on and buy. Having no other option, I did some poking and searching online and found,

The HighLine Boutique. Of course one of the benefits of blogging is the opportunity for product review (in exchange for purchase), so I spoke with the owner and we worked out a collaboration to share the items I choose, with my audience. I received this product for a review but all opinions are my own.

The website is extremely easy to navigate and the best part about the clothing is that it comes in sizing that can cover my postpartum hips! Using the message function on their Facebook page, I was able to communicate about the pants that sparked my interest. Customer service was extremely responsive and happy to help me find the "right fit". There were many options to choose from but I chose the jegging (shown below) because let's face it, pants with buttons aren't always friendly to postpartum bodies.

Another wonderful thing about these pants is that they stop at the ankle! It is so difficult for me to find pants that fit at the waist but stop where my leg and feet, meet. They look to be more of a denim material than most and carry a bit of an “edgy” style. I am a BIG fan of the zippers at the bottom. These pants have just the right amount of stretch that you can wash and dry without losing the size you purchased. When shopping for pants I look for a snug fit, with a flexible bend and this pair are just that! As you can see, I am even comfortable trying to comfort my wiggly, tantrum throwing, son…

I am looking forward to sharing other items from the boutique, as the seasons change. If you find yourself in the need of a comfortable pair of pants, with the legging feel but a stylish look, I can vouch for these!

Product info

Brand: Umgee

60% Cotton, 40% Polyester

$29.99- $34.99

Colors- Seafoam, Off White, Navy, Black

**The HIGHLINE Boutique will also offer you 15% off your purchase with the coupon code: wifesahmlife (all lowercase).

I leave you with this, until my next review...

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