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Postpartum Problems: Hair+Skin Care Cel MD Products to the Rescue



It has been a while since I've had to deal with the horrible hair and skin dilemma that pops up after having a new born. If you have been there, you know, your hair falls out even more than before and your skin can be like a desert, looking for moisture day and night. A few weeks ago, I made a cry for help on Twitter and my fellow #momsquad gals came to the rescue with some recommendations. One of the recommendations  happened to be CEL MD products (from a fellow blog mom who I know and trust).  Well it just so happens that thanks to the connectivity of social media, this company also saw my cry for help and reached out with a few tester products. 


  These products were gifted to me in exchange for review.  All opinions are honest and my own. This post contains promotional codes and affiliate links. 



Hair Care

Cel MD Microstem Shampoo & Conditioner


Since I have been pregnant for the past three years, my hair has been growing like crazy and basically just up in a bun.  You know, the messy mom bun. I feel as though I am losing large amounts of hair which is more than likely due to the drop in hormones and forgetting to continue taking prenatal vitamins. With three kids under three remembering anything is a challenge. Luckily for me, my concerns for thinning hair around my crown were met with a great pair of hair care products by Cel MD, Microstem Shampoo and Conditioner  . After using the shampoo and conditioner for two weeks (about 6-7 washes) I can see and feel the difference. Honestly, the very first time I used both I noticed the ability to run my fingers from root to ends improved drastically (both in and out of the shower). My hair is extremely long and typically takes way to much time to wash. These products definitely help to decrease tangle.This micro-stem based shampoo and  conditioner work to strengthen each hair, (every wash) and I believe that this is the reason for less tangle. For me, stronger hair means less hair falling out

while running my fingers through it. Both of these products seem to nourish my scalp which is an added plus! I do not get to wash my hair as frequently as I'd like, with such small children running around the home and battle with dry scalp, as a result. Since I have been using these products, I've  noticed less itch and overall my scalp has  less irritation. After one wash and condition cycle, my hair seemed to dry with much less frizz and the feel of each strand was smooth, yet clean, not waxy or oily. I would contribute this to the biotin and ginseng stem cells within both. I would definitely recommend giving this product a try as I have only used it for a short period of time and can see and feel the difference.









                    Just a quick peak at before (glasses) and after product use (approximately 6-7 wash + condition) 





Moisturizing Lips and Face

The Protective Skin & Lip Moisturizer


I have finally found a product that will keep my skin moisturized!! I literally had given up hope that such product existed. Over the past few years, it has been let down after let down, with each purchase of a lip balm that promises to quench the thirst of my moisture starved lips. Each time I think I have found "the one" my lips only seemed to dry out, even more (after application). I began a cycle of applying a waxy coat of chapstick, only to peel the dry layers of skin off of my lip that same night or the next day. Finally, with The Protective Skin & Lip Moisturizer, I have found a moisture rich product that will not dry our my lips excessively and actually  remedies my cracking lips. Might I add that this product doubles as a skin moisturizer! 

While using this liquid gold, I actually found that I can forgo my exfoliation and still have super smooth skin. This skin moisturizer quickly absorbs and leaves your skin truly feeling like satin.  I mostly used this product on my skin immediately after showering and on my lips (once or twice) daily. I have also used the moisturizer to soften the callused soles of my feet and it works like magic to smooth the rough/hardened parts on the bottom of my feet. These days it is near impossible to get out and spend time in a salon for a pedi , as I am  breast feeding my youngest. This is just another reason I was very thankful that this little tube of nourishment packs such a big punch!   




Please take a moment to visit this site if you feel that these products might be right for you!  Might I mention that all products are made in America and animal cruelty free! While browsing keep in mind you may use the following to receive 20% off the entire product line by Cel MD. 


Self Care Products by Cel MD


Promo code: JESS20 

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Postpartum Problems: Hair+Skin Care Cel MD Products to the Rescue

October 7, 2019

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